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Bill Dudley {1923 - 2011}

North American Glass has been commissioned to disperse the collection of the late Bill Dudley of Xenia, Ohio. Bill was an enthusiastic collector for many years, focusing on fruit jar items from the Hemingray Glass Company, as well as patented closure jars and the earliest blown glass wares. Refer to the photos below for a glimpse at a few of the items in the collection.

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The photos below depict a small sampling of the Bill Dudley collection.


Black Glass Masons

Rare & Important Gray, Hemingray & Bros
Pressed Glass Vessel - 1850's

Colored Globe Jars


Early Bell Form Wax Sealers

Free Blown

Patented Closure Jars

Hemingray Rarities

HGCo Midget Pints

Patented Closure Jars

Patented Closure Jars

Patented Closure Jars

Hemingray Wax Sealers

Early Hemingray Jars

Royal Jars

Rare Wax Sealers

Colored Wax Sealers

Early Jelly Glasses

Embossed Wax Sealer Caps

William A. Dudley

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